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Game development is a billion-dollar industry. The industry has always existed in the market. Slowly but gradually climbing and becoming a part of day-to-day life over the years. However, with the pandemic, it has boomed a little more than expected. The US has a 30% increase in market cap, totalling 114.7 billion dollars.

Now that we know what we're talking about, let's see how viable the Sri Lankan gaming industry is. 

Gaming industry holds a steady incline of the market cap of 7-8% yearly. Notable games made in Sri Lanka are, Koombiyo, Mahasona, and Kanchayuda. There is significant room to enter this industry and make an absolute revolution.

However, it also is a challenging industry as your goal is creating, maintaining, and sustaining human engagement.

What to look for in your game developer in Sri Lanka

Developing a game in Sri Lanka is tedious work. You're coding 100 different pieces and bringing them all together while staying organized to create a final product. Sounds tough? It is when done right.

Getting it going takes a sensible amount of development cycles, project managers, consistent follow-ups, and tracking. Your development cycle must follow a realistic time duration with development complexities taken into account and stay in that timeframe. Agile development works alongside active feedback; hence there is the least room to go out of scope.

From a development aspect, UX is crucial in getting a game across to the market. An excellent user interface is what keeps people engaged and builds curiosity. Simple, intuitive, and consistent game flow while incorporating gaming trends and mechanics yet keeping it unique is critically essential.

On the subject of consistency, lags, disconnects, and in-game inconsistencies could shatter your player base significantly. A final boss that is not challenging takes away the game's achievement aspect. Poor gameplay could end the game and even result in lawsuits or market bans. A notable example of this is Cyberpunk 2077.

From a performance view, your game should be built efficiently and played efficiently. A smooth and intuitive gameplay wins engagement easily, and well-managed use of technical resources will widen your prospective audience by a large margin.

Whether you are looking for full-service development, co-development or complete outsourcing, let's ensure your developer checks all these boxes to get it right from the get-go.

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Research and Evaluation 

Game development is a relatively alienated subject in Sri Lanka. Few have made it to market, and even fewer are keen to because of the complex nature of development. 

While getting your game developed, we have a lot more than simply development to look for. The gaming industry is built on player engagement, and keeping the audience intact with your product is no easy work. 

The game's hook is the pure exciting factor that the players will remember your game by. Be it characters, aesthetics, control mechanics, or even the storyline. It is vital these are unique to you and still follow industry trends through extensive research.

A game that's built for commercial use needs to attract mass virality. We get this done by staying very close to game industry trends, memes, and reward models of established games.

Making your game fun is the most essential part. How to make it fun can be complicated. Suppose the elements you build your game around provoke an engaging, emotional response. In that case, you are one foot at the door of creating a good player base. 


Creating a campaign drive for your game is as essential as every other step. Hundreds of games are being built every year, and how to make your work stand out is by implementing a market campaign as equally as impactful as your game. Without proper marketing, it is just another game people see the cover and move along.

While that being said, your game and your marketing drive go hand in hand with realistic levels of the developed game. Not to oversell and under satisfy or undersell and crash the market value.

Post-development Support 

It was in the old days you sold a game and moved on. Most games thrive on post-game updates, DLCS, and selling in-game content through microtransactions. Your game must adapt to these models to stay current with industry trends and provide more than simply a game.

Your consultants will always look for new trends and themes to make this work. At the same time, your developers must stay current with industry gaming mechanics and a step above it.


The game development industry has a lot of room for entry. Still, it is a road simply too complicated to maneuver right. One of the hardest things in the world is manipulating engagement, and this very factor is the make or break for your game.

To build a successful game in Sri Lanka, ensure your game developer in Sri Lanka works alongside you with absolute clarity bidirectionally to understand your goal for the game and for you to understand the development vision coming from industry standards and the latest trends. With these pieces communicating with each other in collaboration with extensive marketing research, stepping into the gaming industry or even revolutionizing it is not at all a complex task.

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