ACER realizes operational efficiency with translation 

pocket workflow customization

ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) is an independent educational research organization with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Dubai, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, London, Melbourne, New Delhi, Perth, and Sydney.

Allion worked in close collaboration with the information technology arm of ACER to support the optimization, streamlining, and enhancement of ACER’s translation system and assessment management platform, to empower project staff to tailor workflow during the translation pocket creation process.

Customization & Enhancements

Business Challenge

Translation pockets are work areas set up by authorized users for the translation of a source set of items from English into another language/dialect.

The creation of a translation pocket currently uses a single-defined workflow. The ability to customize the workflow is available in the translation software backend, but it is not user accessible nor capable of customizing two pockets with different workflows. This previously required separate instances of the translation pocket to be set up if two projects needed different workflows.

ACER aimed to enhance the translation pocket creation process by allowing users to set available workflow parameters without IT interference and on a per-pocket basis, empowering staff to create fit-for-purpose workflows in any project

User-Friendly Interface & Customization Capabilities

The objective was to allow project users to create, manage, and customize translation pocket workflows.
The solution was a user-friendly, interactive, and dynamic user interface that enabled users to customize translation pocket workflows by adding or removing process stages so that the work aligned with project needs. Allion implemented and delivered this capability in six weeks.

Allion employed AngularJs and NodeJs frameworks for the development of the functional requirements that provided a seamless user experience.

The custom development enables users to configure a new workflow or adopt a default workflow for each translation pocket within a project, it further supports users with the ability to create multiple pockets within a single project with different workflows per pocket, assign staff to configured workflows and trigger a warning when a role has not been assigned or has been omitted, and prohibits users from updating the workflow following commencement of the translation.

Allion complied with ACER’s Secure Information Management Policies (ISO 27001/2 compliance).

Our Expertise

Architect: Sashika Peiris, BSc Engineering (Hons), with over 17 years of experience in the software industry.

Project Lead: Suresh Priyadarshana, proficient in Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Python, Node.js, Angular, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySql, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SoapUI, JMeter, YourKit, Eclipse Memory Analyser, VisualVM, ELK stack, Splunk, AppDynamic, and more. With experience in the travel and tourism industry, logistics and retail, education, and advertising domain.

Project Manager/Scrum: Gawesh Chithrarathne, certified in Software Processes and Agile Practices with over 7 years of experience managing projects across varying industries such as healthcare, food, music & entertainment, oil & gas, health & fitness, recruitment for over 15 startups and enterprise clients.

Quality Assurance: Thilini Wickramarathne, Knowledged in testing tools such as TestLink, JIRA, HP ALM, Postman, and SoapUI. Worked with programming languages such as Java, Python, HTML, and MYSQL. She also has extensive experience in the tourism and telecommunications industry.